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What defines us

We are COCO CARBON - one of the world's leading brand in teeth whitening.


Highest standards of quality

We pride ourselves with the highest standards of quality, striving for perfection in everything we do, and we instill that in our products from the perfectly created designs to the carefully perfected premium activated carbon formulas and top quality of service.

COCO CARBON - Affordable Luxury


We put our customers 1st

Here at COCO CARBON we always try to bring you the best products and services possible.

Your feedback is very important to us in order to continuously improve and expand our products, services and to share your success with the community.

We would LOVE to see your results and hear what you think of our products!

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Premium natural ingredients

We only use carefully selected premium natural ingredients. The main ingredient of our COCO CARBON products is Activated Charcoal made from Coconut Shells, manufactured using cutting edge technologies and a unique proprietary process, in order to bring you

the best activated charcoal tooth whitener product on the market.




Our tooth whitening products are and will forever be chemically-free, GMO free and not tested on animals.